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Smoking accessories and apparel

Lowell Herb Co CBD
Single Smoke Case

Air-tight, metal canister$10

Logo T-Shirt

100% Cotton$20

Lowell Ashtray 3.5"

The Original Lowell Ashtray.$25

Lowell Rolling Papers

Pack of 25 all-natural hemp rolling papers$3

Farm T-Shirt

100% Cotton$20

Rolling Kit

Wooden Rolling Kit$90

Lowell Ashtray 5"

The Original Lowell Ashtray$35

Diamond T-Shirt

100% Cotton$20

Wreath T-Shirt

100% Cotton$20

Lowell Grinder

Four part engraved metal grinder$25

Lowell Canvas Tote

100% Cotton$10

Thracian Intoxicant Jogger Combo

Raglan with Soft Jogger Pant$50

Sun Grown T-Shirt

100% Cotton$20

Diamond Crop Top

100% Cotton$20

Wonder Plant T-Shirt

100% cotton$20

Indica Tee

Ultra-Soft Tee.$25

LHC Rocker Shirt

100% Cotton$25

Farm To Table T-Shirt

100% Cotton$20

Bull Poster

Silk-screen Poster$25

Sativa Tee

Ultra-Soft Tee$25

Tobacco Free T-Shirt

100% Cotton$20

Ceramic Match Holder

Match holder with strike surface$70

Sold Here Poster

Silk-screen poster$25

Lowell Farm Jacket

Hand-stitched in Los Angeles$420

Wooden Coin

Natural hard wood$250

Lowell Vending Machine

Original vintage vending machine$15000

Lowell Humidor 36"


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